Dinner and a Spanking

She had said she would be home alone for the weekend and I was welcome to stay with her. It was supposed to have been a nice quiet evening with her cooking me dinner and then maybe a movie before bed. Then someone stuck a key in the front door and before I could ask a question the door was swinging wide open.

“Mom! Dad!” She said.

Mom? Dad? What the hell was going on? Surely the look on my face said it all, but I kept my mouth shut.

“Who is he?” Her mom asked.

“Just leaving.” I said.

The situation was far from clear, but my presence was definitely not welcome.

“Don’t be silly. Finish your dinner. We should probably all have a talk after.” Her dad said.

I considered rushing the door. At that moment I was feeling like an intruder and would have been happy to have left, never to return. It seemed clear by the look on my girlfriend’s face and the tone of her mom’s voice, I wasn’t really supposed to be there. Oddly enough though, after the initial shock, apparently they wanted me to stay or her parents did. I think she might have preferred for me to leave then, but then fate does seem to have a nasty sense of humor.

My girlfriend looked across the table at me with pleading eyes and embarrassed cheeks. I shrugged and returned to eating. Under the table she kicked my leg, making me jump a little. I stared back at her and shrugged again hoping she’d get the message that I didn’t know what she wanted me to do or even if her wishes were going to supersede her parents’ given the new set of circumstances.

She mouthed a single word at me, “LEAVE!”

I nodded my agreement. I liked her enough that I preferred to leave before I was told to leave and not ever come back which I guessed would either be coming from her or her Dad before the evening was done if I stayed. I finished my dinner as quickly as manners would permit and pushed my chair back, wiping my mouth with the white linen napkin. I glanced at my wrist watch for show although I couldn’t have said what time it was had I been asked.

“I am so sorry, but I really must be going.” I said.

“So soon?” Her dad asked.

“Yes, I’m sorry. I have other obligations for the evening. Thank you for dinner.” I said.

At the last, I gave a sympathetic smile to my girlfriend. She was doing a good job of looking disappointed and relieved all at once. I nodded to her mom, she was standing against one of the walls with her arms folded across her chest. Given a fork and knife I had the feeling she might have had me for dinner, but maybe it was her daughter she was thinking about. I extended my hand to her dad and he responded in kind.

“Are you sure you can’t stay for a short time. We really should talk and clear some things up.” He said.

“Is it really necessary? I can see you have some things to discuss with your daughter, but I don’t think I can really add anything positive here. It seems best if I leave and give you all some privacy.” I said.

“To begin with, I don’t think she’s going to tell us the same lies she would if you left.” He replied.

“Excuse me?” I said.

I was left blinking at the bluntness with which the man had just called his daughter a liar. Ordinarily, I would have defended her against such an attack on her character, but the situation had left me concluding there were some truths she had conveniently left out of our conversations. Had I more time to think about it, I might even have been mad at her.

“She wasn’t supposed to have anyone here tonight and she knows that. If you walk out that door before we sit down and have a talk she’s going to say you just showed up and wouldn’t take no for an answer. Then I’ll have to call the cops and report you as some kind of a stalker.” He said.

“Are you threatening me?” I asked.

“No, son. I’m asking for your assistance and a short amount of your time. I’m sure you weren’t planning on eating and running and while my daughter undoubtedly wants you to leave, this is not a time to humor her.”

I glanced over at my girlfriend. She was sitting there looking the picture of calmness except for her index finger which was slowly twirling her hair around itself until it was tight and then releasing it only to start all over again. I’d picked up on it as a nervous habit of hers soon after I met her. I don’t think she even knows she does it.

“Look, she invited me over for dinner. She said she was alone and wanted some company. Nothing sinister was going on.” I said.

“I see. Did she happen to mention she lives with her parents?” He asked.

“She did.”

“Did she also mention this is our house?”

This part I had figured out for myself.

“No, but I caught on to that when you arrived.” I said.

An icy shiver ran down my spine and when I glanced at my girlfriend, I realized why; Her eyes were throwing stares like cold daggers across the room. I was feeling fairly certain I wouldn’t be hearing from her ever again after walking out the front door. Maybe that was why I decided to stay.

“Why don’t we sit down and have that talk. I have a feeling I might learn a thing or two.” I said.

“Good man. Shall we?” He said.

He led me to another room where he kept a pair of lounge chairs on opposite sides of an ornate chess table. I sat down on the dark side and he offered me a shot of bourbon. It was a nice alternative to the shot I had been expecting ever since he walked through the door. I took a small sip and sloshed the rest around in the glass. He sat down in the chair across from me with his own glass.

“Do you play?” He asked.

“Very little and not in a few years.” I replied.

“You should pick it back up. It’s good for disciplining the mind.”

“I used to enjoy it, but I was unable to find a steady partner for competition.”

“Maybe next time you stop by we can have a game. You seem like a decent young man. My daughter is normally a good judge of character so I’m not here to give you the third degree. What I want to discuss is my daughter and her occasional need for external discipline.”

“I’ve gathered she has broken some house rules or something like that this evening. I apologize for my part in it, but I had no idea until you arrived.”

“I have no doubt she kept you in the dark. My daughter is quite good at manipulation as you can imagine. Fortunately, I am very well aware of the fact.”

“Yes, I can see that by your timely arrival this evening.”

He nodded and we both took another sip before the conversation continued.

“How long have you been dating my daughter?” He asked.

A half hour ago, I would have told him to ask her.

“A couple of months.” I replied.

He nodded.

“I thought so. That’s about when she started acting suspicious.”

“I’m sorry, are you saying she was seeing me behind your back?”

“Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying.”

“Forgive me, but what business is it of yours? I mean she’s a grown woman.” I replied.

I decided I had better start questioning everything I thought I knew about my girlfriend.

“Yes, yes, she’s an adult by any common measure of the word. However, she is my daughter and so long as she lives under my roof she can expect I will take an interest in her and her activities.”

“Fair enough I guess, but what I am asking is why would she feel the need to lie to me and to lie to you about seeing me?”

“I imagine that is the heart of the matter. I suspect the answer is what we are doing right now.”

“We wouldn’t be doing this right now if she hadn’t been lying to both of us.”

“I was referring more generically. She doesn’t want any man she’s interested in, talking to me.”

“Obviously, you know why.”

“Of course, she’s afraid I’ll tell them what I’m going to tell you.”

“And that is?”

“Sometime my daughter needs a little firm encouragement to do the right thing rather than the impulsive thing.”

He let the statement settle in the air between us as I began to grasp the meaning of his words and the reason my girlfriend wanted me to leave with great haste. I smiled at the thought. Her dad began to chuckle and then I joined him and the chuckling became laughing. I’m not evil but I’d wager a year’s salary our laughing sounded like the devil himself had come for a visit to my girlfriend, waiting nervously in the other room.

“What do you use?” I asked.

Rather than answer me, he stood up and opened an armoire on the wall behind him. It was loaded. Big paddles, medium paddles, little paddles, paddles with wholes, paddles with ridges, wood paddles, leather paddles, plastic paddles, rubber paddles, oval paddles, rectangular paddles, heart-shaped paddles, all hanging neatly on little hooks. They swayed back and forth as if each one was eager to come out and play. I stared in silent amazement.

“Take your pick.” He said.

I blinked at him.

“I couldn’t.” I said.

“Of course you can.”

“She’d never forgive me.”

“She won’t have to know.”

“Unless you’re planning on blind folding her, I think she’d have a clue.”

“You misunderstand. I’m going to redden her pretty little bottom, I’m just offering you the opportunity to choose what I do it with and of course you’ll stay and watch.”

“I don’t know.”

“She lied to you.”

“I know, but she obviously had her reasons.”

“You agree with them?”

“No, that’s not what I mean. It’s just it doesn’t seem right for me to punish her. She probably won’t want anything to do with me after tonight as it is. If I participate in some way she’ll never forgive me.”

“You got it all wrong boy.”

“Do I?”

“Yes. She’ll be embarrassed. She’ll be upset. She’ll also have a whole new attitude in about fifteen minutes. Well, maybe thirty considering she can be a bit stubborn. Anyway, you stick around and I guarantee you’ll see her again, but if you leave now, you’ll never be back.”

“I don’t want to be back if she doesn’t want me back. You can’t just spank her into dating me and think that is okay.”

“The thought never crossed my mind. If she doesn’t want to see you again, I won’t be changing her mind, but she’s just scared of you seeing this part of her life. Once you’ve seen it and aren’t running away, she won’t have anything to be afraid of anymore. The big secret is almost out of the bag, you leave now and it stays there, you stay and all that fear goes away because there won’t be any point to it anymore.”

“Okay, let’s say you’re right for a minute. You don’t think she’ll be afraid that now that I know she still gets spanking, I might do it to her myself?”

“The way I see it, you’ve got nothing to lose. You leave, you already said you don’t expect to hear from her again, you stay, it’s just as much a concern to you. Maybe she forgives you, maybe she don’t, either way she’s getting her butt spanked and she’s wronged you just as much as she wronged me. Seems only fair you are then when she’s being corrected.”

I thought about it for a moment and then shrugged. What the hell? Might as well stick around and enjoy the show.

“Okay.” I said.

“Which one?” He asked.

“The clear, round one with the five holes in it.” I said.

It was arbitrary choice made just because I liked the look of the paddle. Her dad looked pleased.

“Excellent choice.” He said.

A few minutes later, we were back in the dining room. Her mom had seated herself at the table, but her expression remained stern. My girlfriend continued to play with her hair and I noticed she was occasionally biting her lip as well. I had the feeling she was as likely to turn haughty as she was to submit to her dad’s will. The thought alone had lust stirring within me.

“Stand up.” He ordered.

I was already standing, so I knew he wasn’t talking to me. I suspected he meant my girlfriend but in fairness her mom was sitting too. My girlfriend gave her dad a “who me?” look and responded with a stern, impatient nod. Right about then she noticed the paddle he was holding.

“You can’t.” She said.

“I certainly can.”

“But not in front of HIM!”

“Yes, in front of him.”

“But daddy!”

I couldn’t stop from chuckling as she sounded more like a child with every breath. Her mom gave me a cold look and I stopped myself from continuing. I started to get the idea that mom and dad were not necessarily operating on the same page here. I glanced at the door one last time and considered leaving. I might have gone but the pouting expression my girlfriend wore and the heavily blushing cheeks and her desperate pleading eyes, kept me glued in place.

Her dad grabbed a chair from the dining table and pulled it out against the far wall. He sat down and pointed to a spot on the floor to his right side. My girlfriend stomped her foot and stayed where she was.

“Daddy!” She said.

“Don’t make me get up and get you.” He said.

She dragged her feet slowly moving toward the spot he indicated until he moved like he was going to get up. Then she ran, like a frightened little girl, straight to the spot. I withheld comment on the scene and simply watched as the two regarded each other in what must have been a long rehearsed ritual.

“You know the routine.” He said.

“But…” She complained.

“Now.” He commanded.

She shook her butt at me. I swear she did. It was not my imagination, and when she turned her torso toward me, for just a second I could see a playful smile on her pouting, red lips. It was gone as soon as it had arrived, but its existence told me I had made the right choice when I decided to stay.

Her fingers found the button on her skirt and pushed it back through it’s hole. The zipper slid down with a sexy slowness that made me want to rip the skirt right off of her. I restrained myself by looking at her mom’s disapproving eyes. She wiggled again and the skirt slid down her legs to the floor. Her fingers slipped into the waist band of her black satin panties while her eyes pleaded with her dad to allow them to stay where they were.

He shook his head and she bit her lip. She took a deep breath and then in a single brisk motion she pulled them all the way down to her ankles and stood back up again. Her cheeks flushed a bright, rosy red. She kept her hands at her sides and I found it hard not to stare at the thin strip of hair covering her sex. If we’d been alone, I would have done more than stare.

“Over.” Her dad commanded.

She obeyed. There was no more fuss, no more whining, just simple, blind obedience. It struck me then, the calmness of everyone. I would have expected tears and temper tantrums, begging and pleading, anything but calm.

Her dad raised the paddle over her white, unblemished backside. He touched it to her rounded flesh and her body quivered in anticipation. Gently, he moved the paddle in a small circular motion over her right cheek and then, with a flick of his wrist, it pulled away and slapped back down causing the flesh to ripple like water in the wind. Before my very eyes the skin turned a soft pink.

She remained quiet and he moved the paddle to her left cheek and repeated the procedure with the same result. Then he picked up the pace, moving from right to left and back again he gave a series of fast, hard swats that had each buttock rippling before the previous had stopped. Her bottom grew pinker by the swat until it was closer to red and redder.

She began to squirm. It was only a little at first, but as the swats continued the squirming grew stronger and more pronounced. Her skirt slipped off her feet and then her legs began to kick a little. Her hands tightened into fists gripping the legs of the chair. She whimpered and moaned with each new swat. Her panties flew across the room as her kicks grew stronger and stronger.

“Please! I’ve learned my lesson.” She cried.

“I’ll decide when you’ve learned.” He replied.

The paddle kept rising and falling, moving from right to left and left to right. Her bottom was rightfully aglow with the red shame of her sin and I felt sympathy for her like I knew I should. That wasn’t all though, I wanted to pick her up off his lap, throw her over my shoulder and carry her up the stairs to her bedroom where I would toss her down on the bed and plunge down on top of her. It was lust, pure and simple and hot as her burning bottom.

Rather suddenly it all came to an end. Her kicks grew weaker until there were barely more than involuntary shudders in response to the swats. Her breath became ragged with sobs and her hands relaxed their grip on the chair legs. He noticed it almost immediately and with only a few swats, clearly lighter than those which had come before, he brought the spanking to a close.

Her mom collected her panties from where they had landed and put them back on her legs, pulling them up to her knees. After another minute, her dad helped her up off his lap and back onto her feet. She righted her clothing without prompting and then kissed her father on the cheek. Her own cheeks were still wet with tears but the flush of embarrassment from before was gone. Her eyes were warm with love instead of cold with anger as they had been before. It was truly an amazing transformation. Where a spoiled brat had lay across her dad’s lap, a mature woman had risen from it.

Her dad and I shared a glance through which I finally understood why I had stayed. I looked at her with newly opened eyes and the realization that she had set it all in motion, knowing the outcome from the beginning. She had wanted me to stay but didn’t know how to ask. I could hardly blame her, for the words escaped me even in the afterglow.

She walked me to the door. I wanted to ask to stay. Her eyes said she felt the same, but it was not to be. I gave a last glance at her parents. They nodded at me but stayed their distance allowing us a little privacy to say goodnight and anything else that needed to be said.

“I’m sorry.” She said.

“I think that was the point, but I forgive you.”

“I thought you were going to leave me.”

“I almost did.”

“And now?”

“I’m glad I stayed.”

“So am I.”

I kissed her softly on the lips and she responded by taking my breath away on the doorstep. It was getting harder to leave by the second.

“I should go.” I said.

“Will I see you tomorrow?”

“Do you want to?”


“Will your dad allow it?”

“Of course.”

“Have you asked?”

“No, but…”

“But what? You want to get another spanking tomorrow?”

“Would you do that to me?”

“I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.” I said.


Suzy said...

Nice story Dave, really enjoyed it :)


sixofthebest said...

Beautiful story Dave. The second chapter of this story, if I might make a suggestion should be. The boyfriend seeing his future mother-in-law, receiving a good spanking from his future father-in-law, and both his girl friend, and the mother-in-law humiliatingly made to stand in the corner for being so naughty in front of a guest.

Anonymous said...

So she sets a time to meet him for dinner the next night...
but he waits alone in the restaurant 43 minutes before she arrives--then she sits down like nothing is wrong.
He's miffed--
but doesn't say anything until they go back to his place--
and gives her what what she obviously expected:
Before giving it to her in the @ss!